Company Profile

Cable King is an Australian owned brand manufactured out of one of China’s leading cable manufacturing company’s. Cable King launched on to the Australian market in 2008, filling a need for a larger range of cable at attractive pricing. Our Chinese plant manufactures cable to the highest standards and is behind some of the worlds leading brands. All our coaxial cable is UV stable with heavy duty jackets. We make RG-58, RG59, RG6 in various shield types, Dual shield, Tri-Shield, Quad Shield, Siamese. We make cable in both anti snag pull boxes and wooden drums. We also make an extensive range of cabling tools.
Cable King also has an extensive range of AV cabling, including HDMI, VGA, Component and RCA.
Recently Cable King has added LCD/LED wall mounts, we have a complete range to suit TV’s from 15″ TV’s thru to 80″ TV’s. All our brackets come in retail ready packaging ready to sell in your outlets.
CableKing has also expanded into electrical power outlets and switches so keep an i on the site for all these new products to be added.
Cable King is an industry brand so why not use our buying power and use Cable King as your brand of choice.